Dennis McCroskey & Associates
Structural Engineers
Welcome to the DMCA Home Page. DMCA is a Structural Engineering and Architectural firm in the north coast town of Mendocino, CA.   Our size is small but our experience and capabilities are great. We offer a variety of professional services including services of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Project Management, Master Planning, Construction Administration, Building Inspections, Expert Witness, and Facilities Planning.

We've been involved in designing buildings for over 40 years and have over 5,000 buildings to our credit. We have knowledge of many different types of buildings, construction systems, and government agency approvals.   

Our projects include Schools, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Multi-Family Housing, Custom Residential, Wineries, Offices, Water Towers, Lookout Towers, Retail, Industrial Facilities, Historic Preservation, ADA Compliance, Railroad Facilities, Civic and Public Works Buildings. 

Our projects include Seismic and Earthquake designs, foundations, gravity and wind designs, trusses, beams frames and much more.

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What is a 
Structural Engineer?

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What is a Structural Engineer?
Professional Definition: More Probable Definition:
Structural Engineering is the science and art of designing and making, with economy and elegance, buildings, bridges, frameworks and other similar structures so that they can safely resist the forces to which they may be subjected. Structural Engineering is the art of molding materials we do not entirely understand into shapes we cannot precisely analyze so as to withstand forces we cannot really assess, in such a way that the community at large has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance.
....From SEAOC Newsletter
The simplest definition I ever heard for engineering is:
"Do with one what any idiot could do with two."

Old Structural Engineer Adages:
Nothing too strong ever fell down. .....Anonymous
If you aren't accused of over engineering, you aren't doing your job.
Figures don't lie, but liars can figure.

Dennis McCroskey & Associates
Structural Engineers
P.O. Box 707, 

Mendocino, CA 95460
Phone No.: 707-937-4478

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&E is an Architecture and Structural Engineering design firm. Services include Design, Planning, Project Management, Construction Administration, Building Inspections, Expert Witness, Facilities Planning, Historic Restoration, Renderings, Drafting, Seismic and Earthquake design. We do Specifications, Calculations, T-24, Energy, and ADA Disabilities Access Compliance. Projects include Schools, Hospitals, Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Railroad and Train facilities.  We do Water Towers, Apartment buildings, Museums, Cultural Centers, Stadiums, Wineries and shopping centers.  We are knowledgeable in wood and timber, masonry and concrete block, concrete, and steel designs.